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Australia Family Visa

Australia Family Visa. Australia upholds the principle of family re-unification and has devised visa categories to accommodate these interests. Parents of Australian citizens can now be unified with their family in Australia and live there temporarily with them. With respect to specific requirements on the age criteria and relationship speak to our experts now.

Family Visa

If you are a family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident you may be eligible to live in Australia as their dependant. There are various different visa options available, for eg. A Parent Visa, where you could be looking to reunite with your children? Or simply looking to be a family again! We offer visas that let parents live in Australia for up to two years temporarily if they are the parents of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who is settled in Australia. Initially you can apply for the permanent visa once you have successfully completed 2 years of temporary stay.

Alternatively if you want your child to join you in Australia there are several different subclass visas available, including the Subclass 101, Adoption class 102, Child class 802 or the Orphan class 117 or 837.

  • Family members invited to Australia must be able to prove their relationship with the Australian sponsor (spouse, partner, fam, or parent).
  • Foreigners must have valid passports.
  • Seeker of the family visa to Australia must have a good health and temper.
  • AU based relative who invites must be either the Australian (New Zealand) citizen or the holder of any Australian permanent visa.
  • Australian sponsors are obliged to sponsor their family members (housing & finances) during the term of their temporary visa or longer (for aged parents).
  • Relationship between the partners/spouses/ spouses-to-be must be genuine and ongoing, and the couple must be committed to maintain this relationship.
  • Partners must be older than 18 YO.
  • Kids mustn’t be older than 18 YO (full-time students and disabled kids are exempts).
  • Passing a special family test is required for some kinds of Australian family visa.

  • Foreigners holding the temporary family visa can work, get access to Medicare, and pursue an education in the country as well as to cross the border freely during the temporary family visa duration.
  • Australian temporary family visa enables the foreigner to pursue the permanent residence.
  • Holders of family sponsored permanent visa Australia can enjoy all perks of this status: limitless right to stay inside the country, opportunity to work and get educated in AU institutions, receive health care within the governmental program Medicare, get social payments, act as sponsors, and even pursue Australian citizenship in due time.
  • Each permanent family visa gives only 5 years of free travelling. Later, to save the PR status while travelling abroad, the resident must get a special Resident Return Visa.
  • The number of Parent Visas the government issues each year is limited; candidates must register and get qualified before appearing in a Parent Visa queue where they wait for their turn to come. Such waiting may last for years.
  • Contributory Parent Visa costs more than a regular Parent Visa, but the contributory visa is faster to get.
  • The more kids you have down under and the more of them are citizens, the better chances for the Parent Visa you have.
  • Kids born from permanent residents in Australia get the AU citizenship automatically.

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