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Portugal Open Work Permit

Portugal introduced the open work permit program with a view to help foreign skilled workers live and work in Portugal. This Immigration program is devised in a way to address the labour market needs and secure global talent. Applicants are not required to be bound to an employer but have the liberty to work with an employer of their choice.

The beautiful country of Portugal is popular for its amazing beaches, picturesque landscapes making it one of the top tourist destinations around the globe. Travellers visiting Portugal are so mesmerised with its beauty and even consider relocating there. Besides, residing in the Schengen region gives an individual an easy access to travel around Europe which is an added benefit. Portugal Open Work Permit

With global mobility on the rise, skilled professionals are seeking lucrative opportunities worldwide for a career progression and a better future. Europe has always been a priority for people around the world seeking Immigration advice. Besides, European countries have opened their frontiers to accommodate talented individuals from around the globe.

How Does This Works?

The assessment for the Portugal open work permit program is based on an applicant’s skills and abilities to integrate into the economy and settle in Portugal. The application would be onshore which means that the applicant must apply whilst in Portugal. Professionals who require registration with a governing board will follow a different procedure.


Family member can be included in your application thereby letting you migrate to Portugal with your family and settle there permanently. These applications have quick processing times and the application fee is very minimal. 5 years of legal residence in the country will entitle you to receive permanent residency in Portugal which eventually leads to citizenship.

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