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The Republic of Turkey is located in the Mediterranean region flanked by Europe to its west and Asia to its right. With such geographical and strategic importance, Turkey has never ceased to garner any attention throughout history. Turkey has also been a hub of different civilizations, foreign rulers and laid the foundation of the Ottoman empire.

Turkish nationals take immense pride in their culture, traditions, art and cuisine. While being a front runner in the medieval era, Turkey has always maintained a pivotal position in world economics today. The recent times has seen a gradual decline in the value of the Turkish Lira and the Government is doing their best to encourage inflow of foreign capital.

High net worth Individuals and businessmen have always altered their investment course towards investing overseas rather than domestic. Turkey has introduced their independent Citizenship by Investment program that grants Citizenship in turkey by the means of a regulated investment in Turkey.

The following are the different investment pathways to obtain Turkish Citizenship:

  • Investment in Real Estate in Turkey
  • Investment in a Turkish Bank account
  • Investment in Turkish Government Bonds
  • Employment of Turkish nationals.

The most recent amendment in the Turkish Nationality law has brought a tremendous change in the Investment regime of the Citizenship in Turkey policy. Since September 19, 2018, the reduction in the investment requirements were implemented as follows:

  • Real Estate – 250,000 USD (reduced from 1 million
  • Bank Account deposit – 500000 USD (reduced from 3 million)
  • Government Bonds Investment – 500000 USD (reduced from 3 million)
  • Employment of locals (Turkish National) – 50 (reduced from 100)

Advantages associated with Turkey passport:

The holder of a Turkey passport has visa free access to around 117 countries globally which gives them freedom of travel worldwide. An inclusion in to the EU travel zone has also been foreseen which significantly adds to its value.

Turkey allows a dual nationality status and does not require applicants to renounce their nationality to adopt Citizenship in turkey.

Applicants can obtain Turkish citizenship from Dubai, Turkish citizenship from Karachi, Turkish citizenship from Lahore, Turkish citizenship from Pakistan or Turkish citizenship by investment not only for themselves but also secure a Turkish passport for their family members.

Turkey has attracted a plethora of foreign Investors from the Middle East, Russia& Asia in the past few years. With a qualified work force and a budding youth in the country, Turkey can also be a lucrative hub for business and entrepreneur pursuits.

Why Global Migrate

With an established reputation in the Immigration Industry, Global Migrate has further ventured into the Foreign Investment segment and helped investors worldwide secure a second passport. If you do intend to acquire Turkish citizenship from Dubai, Turkish citizenship from Karachi, Turkish citizenship from Lahore, Turkish citizenship from Pakistan or Turkish citizenship by investment, kindly contact our representatives and they will help you understand the process further.

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